Bench supply recommendation?

I would like to know if you have any recommendations for a bench supply to power the DUT (codec eval board) connected to a QA40x. It seems there is a new type of supply since I looked several years ago: a base switcher supply followed by linear post-regulation. Then they often call it a linear supply and often quote specs better than pre-existing linear supplies that we’d normally consider. How do these do for you?

I don’t have any recommendations in particular, but perhaps others do. Some features I really like in a supply that seem pretty common in most everything today include tracking supplies (so + and - follow each other), fast current limiting (constant current mode) with minimal output capacitance, sense lines, fast meter updates, floating outputs and a button that disables the outputs. Also, some light programmability is nice because it’s often nice to be able to turn a product on and off automatically thousands of times during validation. And yes, a quiet supply achieved via a linear post regulator is nice too. Good luck, and please report back on what you find.

This guy does a pretty good review of many things as well discuss circuit design and has several bench supply recommendations…\