Building my own balanced to unbalanced cables

I’d suggest not intermixing 50 and 75 ohm BNC connectors, they are not compatible and can damage each other due to the different inner pin diameter. 75 ohms is pretty much only used for video, note, everything else is 50 ohms, RF, lab equipment, etc.

Thanks. I’ll look at getting some decent 50 ohm cables with BNC connectors. By the way, I really appreciate everyone taking the time to answer what probably seems to you to be simple questions. I’m a newbie in this arena and have no engineering background (my education and career were in marketing/advertising/public relations). I’m just a serious hobbyist who is learning.

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There are two bnc inputs per 403 channel.
If you only use one for SE then use a 50R or 75R shorting BNC cap for the other unused BNC input.