Feature req: signal generator


Would be great if we could get a few more optons for the generator section.

If I can only choose one,

  • continuous signal (nice when recording in 3rd party tools to run averaging)

some more wishes,

  • noise generators
  • multi-tone
  • square-wave (digtal/i2s = QA402 only) or does it make sense for analog out?

Hi @audio-dav, you are referring to more options for the continuous tone, is that right? The generator section can do multitone and noise as part of the burst testing.

Square waves isn’t so useful due to Gibbs phenom. You effective get a square wave with the FIR step response on the rising/falling edges.

correct, just getting the sine 24/7 would be nice.

totally missed out the multlitone/noise part. been running on mac with the 3rd party web-app, so might be a limitation there.

yes, I have heard about mr Gibbs. Audio Precision only offers square on the digital-outputs, I believe great for jitter-measurement if we get it via the 402 i2s output

Ah yes, that might be a good idea to allow a programmable output frequency on the I2S connector.