Freq. Resp. from WAV file

Hi @all, I’m having some trouble measuring the frequency response of an ADC using the recorded wav file. I’m only getting a straight line when plotting in Freq domain although the full wave it’s correctly presented on the time domain. I know for a fact that my frequency response is far from a straight line. What am I doing wrong?

What I have tried:

  • To use the automated test, record the played chirp in the DUT and then importing it to the QA40X software.
  • To use the “export chirp wav for triggered testing”, play the generated file in the audition mode of the QA40X software, record it on the DUT and then importing it to the software again.

I’ve matched the sample rate and fft size of the generated file with the acquisition settings of the QA40X.

Any thoughts?

Hi @rmartins.bstf can you share the WAV file? Please mail to support at quantasylum. Thanks!