QA402 questions

QA 402 newbie here and I have a few simple questions / problems.

running the latest non-beta download as of 9/6/2021 on Windows 10

software issues:

#1 the Y-Min / Y-max adjustment arrows will not work.

#2 when I attempt to adjust the FFT in the ACQ settings I get the error message in the attached image. This happens every time I click in the button…up or down. If I simply click “yes” everything seems to work as expected.

Two other general questions.

Is there a downloadable manual for the QA402 fully documenting its use?

Is there a way to adjust the X-axis range. I specifically need to look at 60HZ sidebands on a 7kHZ signal.



Hi @dave, can you download the latest version located here and see if that fixes the YMAX/YMIN/FFT? There was a regression 2-3 releases ago that caused what you are seeing.

Also, the 1.0 documentation is in the 0.9999 release linked above. See the Help button to open the PDF

You can use the mouse to drag a rectangle around the 7 kHz and repeat the process until you get the zoom you want. And then, use the mouse back button OR press the back arrow on the lower right of the screen to get back. OR, you can hit the X LOG or X LIN button to jump back to your default zoom.

Please let me know what you see in 0.9999 and if it addresses your issues.

Quick question - do the generators have to stop during each processing period? Can they stay on during processing?

I ask because the ‘bursted’ nature of the signal makes the signal somewhat difficult to monitor on external 'scopes and meters. I know that the ‘idle’ function can be used to achieve this, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to stop data collection to do this.

Hi @Rammis, currently there’s not a way to keep the tone going between bursts…just the Idle mode that you point out.