Sw version 1.175

Hi @Matt. I have downloaded and installed software version 1.175 and find it interesting. However, I cannot display the linear RtHz scale on the right, even though it says in the top left-hand corner that RtHz is active. Am I doing something wrong? Here is a screenshot of my situation. Thank you

(I hope that in a future version it will be possible to choose whether or not to enter the date and time in the various screens. It would save me a lot of work to enter a note manually.) :smile:

ADDENDUM I have just discovered how to make it appear: if I switch off the PC and then restart it, Rt Hz linear magically appears on the right! I don’t know why, but by doing this it appears! The problem is that now it won’t go away! Even if you uncheck the Rt Hz option, it always shows up when starting the software!

Hi @Claudio, it looks like you need to run an acquisition before it shows up (or goes away). If you close the app and then restart in dBV mode, it will paint the scale then too.

But if you enable RTHZ and don’t see the scale appear right away, press spacebar and see if it paints. That will be cleaned up for the next release.

Hi @Matt. I confirm what you write. Thanks

Thanks @Claudio. I have fixed the issues identified with the tracking axis. I have also merged in code for a new feature that will greatly reduce DC offsets in acquired ADC data. Most probably won’t need to do this regularly, but there are times when looking at tiny signals in the time domain that the offsets are annoying. More details are at the link below.

Sorry. Brain fart. Ignore this.

Thanks @Matt

I had noticed that with small signals, sometimes there was a small annoying offset. I think this new feature to correct the offset will be very useful on some occasions. :smile:

It seems to me that the USER2 Weighting cannot be enabled, at least when doing an ExpoChirp measurement- I think it was working a few revisions agon…?