V1.100 DAC Underflow

I am getting this message regularly when doing measurements using Gen output single ended into a notch and looped back into the QA402. FFT 128k and 48k.
More interestingly I got this message once when Gen was off using an external oscillator. What was the dac doing?
I got the following message on .999 also but remembered to take a pic using 1.100. Pressing either yes or no hangs the app.

Hi @Moto, when you change FFT sizes while running, you might see the DAC overflow error as the current acquisition is cancelled and a new one is started. In that case, since the measurement parameters have changed, the PC stops sending data and the QA402 box complains. But outside of FFT size changes, are you seeing DAC underflow while it’s running without any user interaction?

The DAC being off doesn’t make a difference. If you have all stimulus off, then zeros are sent to the DAC

Can you post the contents of the exception? it should be in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\QuantAsylum\QA402\ExceptionLog.Generally these should have no personal information, but if you scan it visually and see something like a username, you can either change the name in the text file or just send to support alias at quantasylumdotcom


Happens all the time. Here I was just sitting watching a sine generator directly into the QA402. Interestingly the last entry into the exception log was on 9/20.

Sorry fir photos but I run nothing on the Windows box to move images easily to machines I browse the web on.