Vers 1.193 problem

Hi @Matt. I encountered a strange thing in version 1.193. If you use the “Export Notch User Weighting” function the data of “Notch Center Freq” and “Notch depth” appear wrong. Below I post screenshots of the same Notch made with ver 1.193 (wrong) and ver 1.192 (correct). Otherwise everything seems to be OK. Thanks

Hi @Claudio, thanks for noting. None of the code in the export has changed in a long time. So, I think you should be able to see it in the source data clearly. I just tried a notch sweep on 1.189 and 1.193 (exact same settings on each) and they appear the same. If you can confirm you see the similar when time permits that would be appreciated. And if you do see similar, then we can suspect something in the export. The root problem, as you point out, is that the notch center was incorrectly detected…Perhaps you could also export the problem capture as a TIME series and then share that and I can import and see where things are going wrong


Hi @Matt. I confirm that the two graphs taken with ver. 1.192 and 1.193 are identical. Not only that, but if I use the file generated with ver. 1.193 (the one that has the problem about the wrong Notch center frequency and depth), this file works correctly and gives the same results as the file generated with ver. 1.192. In version 1.193 the 2 values I mentioned are wrong, but apparently they do not create any problem in using the file.

Hi @Matt. I sent you an email confirming my address.