403/451 Brand New For Sale 4-5 days old-

I’ve decided that the 403/451 is not going to fit our needs here.
But for someone here in the forum I’m sure they will, this is easy because you won’t have to wait.
I’m going to make up my mind today on returning it.
So my plan is either to return it, if it can get refunded right away-
Or sell it on the forum because there’s someone out there that wants those that will pay me immediately for it.
The 451 is unopened the 403 is cosmetically perfect.
The sale will go through PayPal.
Friends and family if I can make it work for you.
You’ll have to pay the PayPal fee on my end which is probably 3%.
My cost on this was tax was 960.14.
So figure 960.14 +3% PayPal.
We also take MasterCard Visa here if that helps.
I’m sure that Matt, who is a brilliant guy, would honor any warranty on these.
They are like 4 or 5 days old, and the 451 is not even been opened.
You can find me @ support@ cesaudiopro.com 970-493-8904

Hi @CESAUDIO, you can return it for a full refund if you’d like. Per the page below, there’s a 15 day period where you can return the products no questions asked…just pay the return shipping the entire purchase price, including outbound shipping, gets refunded.

What about the QA403 didn’t work for you?

I just thought someone on here would just want it direct-
For the reasons that it did not work out…best give a call…

I’ll take it!

email: mhuth1776@gmail.com

Sold. 042723…--------

Hello, I would like to purchase your QA403