Anybody selling their QA401/QA402?


we are in need of a few more QA401 or QA402. is anybody interested in selling theirs?

we pay list price ($449/$499) and take care of the shipping to our office in Sweden.

if you have one available, feel free to reach out below, in a dm or at philip dot teenageengineering dot com, and we’ll figure it out.


700€ from U.E, so not taxes, only shipping.

I can send you a QA402 for listed price.
You can reach out me by QuantAsylums message,
or send me email to .


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Hi, I’m also looking for a QA401 or preferably QA402 (paying list-price)

I might sell mine, if you’re still interested - QA402

I’m having PC trouble right now. Have a new one ordered - 4 week shipping time. Crazy how backed up things are at the moment.

Thank you

We will sell our QA402. Just reach out to me if needed!

We’ve bought a couple of devices from users above. Still looking for one or two QA401 if anybody is interested in selling theirs!


I have QA402 to sell, please contact me if you need it.


Hi All,

I’ve one QA401 available in mint condition.

Vasco Soares

I’d be interested in buying the 401. Is it still for sale?

It is available. Please send me a message. Thanks!

I’ll take it. How much? How can I pay? My email is

Peter Voetsch


I am also searching for QA401/QA402/QA403 if anybody wants to sell theirs, contact me please!

  • I would take QA451 Programmable 8/4 Ohm Load if someone sells it…


I’ve got a QA401, a demo-prototype QA450, and a QA150 (high side current sense) that I can be tempted to part with, esp. now that my QA403 has arrived. Available for what I paid plus shipping or less and they don’t have to go together, make me an offer and we’ll figure it out. If you are overseas, I have no idea what the restrictions or tariff implications may be (I’m in Southern California).