Channel muting when mirroring (QA403)

Does the generator channel mute setting also work with mirroring? maybe I am doing something wrong, but despite the mute setting both DAC channels generate the same signal…

Can anyone check this issue? I’m posting the screenshot with mute left enabled - yet both channels still active

Not sure what is going on with your muting, but have never seen commas where there should be periods in your data…

Apparently, the application uses the decimal sign, which is defined in Windows. I am from Poland. In Polish, the decimal sign is a comma, not a period.
I have to admit that there are problems with it, especially for an engineer, programmer or computer scientist. I use the period.

Hi @yegolebi, the muting doesn’t work with mirroring, but it can be investigated. It’s not clear if it should be handled at the Windows level (via system volume and/or balance) or at the WAV generation level.

Ok, I learned some Polish today… :smiley:

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