IM Distortion Measurement

!st post, a little history where I am coming from: With revealing my age, I still use the Heathkit IM and Harmonic distortion analyzers to test my audio projects. Decided to get Multi-Instrument software. While it is nice software, I find it cumbersome to use the sound card interface. Seems like the QA402 is a good answer for me.
So, the question is can the QA402 do IM measurements or is this something I no longer need to worry about?

Hi @JWB474, yes, I think IM measurements are still very relevant, especially ITU (19 + 20 kHz) tones on a class D amp. There’s an old link here on manually making the measurements on the QA400. The QA401 added a plugin that sweeps the IMD performance over a range of analyzer output levels, and graphs the level at 1 kHz.

The QA402 will eventually pull that too, probably with some enhancements.

Great, Thanks for the response. Will the QA402 be able to be set up to run the old SMPTE standard of 60Hz and 7Khz in the 4:1 ratio?

Hi @JWB474, yes the QA402 has two sine generators and you can set the frequency and amplitude on each.