Improved overlay management--Feature request

Hi @Protegimus, yes, I think a full palette for selection along with width, transparency, z-axis ordering, etc are all important. It’s very frustrating today that z-axis of traces cannot be specified. Noted, too, on a short term fix for trace colors. Some form of red and/or green deficiency impacts about 8% of males.

Thanks to all for comments. Now that it’s been around a while with 20 replies or so though, I just want to reiterate that, if there is to be any kind of quick fix, or starting point for the next version, I’d mostly just like to be able to toggle visibility easily. I don’t know how easy it is for regular color-seeing eyeballs to pick out one of ten or or more traces, but for me just toggling a trace on and off is the quickest way to find it. And of course after making a bunch of measurements, we often want to compare just a few at a time.

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Hi, appreciate the holistic view :slight_smile:
This will also help people with other types of vision impairment.

@RobbN’s suggestion of individually turning on/off traces may also be a simple solution for z-ordering; last trace turned on moves to the front in z-order.
Appreciate I don’t understand limitations of the current (Maui?) platform.

Hi @Protegimus, this is a very workable solution you propose for z-ordering

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Hi @Protegimus, this solution for z-ordering went into release 1.198. Thanks for the very helpful offering!

Nice work @matt , looking forward to it!

One more interface question if you will, is there a way so save the overall window size and position so that when it is closed and re-opened it is restored?

If you are like me and want it running in full screen (maximised), just edit the program properties to maximised and it starts up full screen.:

Has anyone else run in to an issue with version QA40x_1.198 onwards whereby the software is unable to create any .Settings files under the default path:

e.g. Default.Settings

The following error dialogs are displayed on exit
qa403_version 1.198 error_01
click No,

qa403_version 1.198 error_02

File > New Settings also fails.

No issue with software version

Just received my QA403 & QA351 units today, so was only running the software previously when I discovered the issue.

[edit: win10 22H2 - as a formality I also tried running as administrator, no change to issue]

Hi @Protegimus, very curious. Does the directory c:\users\%UserName%\Documents\QuantAsylum\QA40x exist on your machine? Sounds like it does. Is it possible either of the files (default or lastmodel.settings) might be open in another app like a text editor like Notepad that has blocked write access to other apps? Can you delete default.settings and lastmodel.settings while the app is closed and then restart it?

Thanks, I’ve identified the cause.
Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Ransomware protection

once I allowed QA40x.exe access to protected folder

the issue was resolved for version 1.198 or 1.199

Not sure why QA40x_1.197 wasn’t affected as all releases are digitally signed. Perhaps microsoft take some time to recognise new .exe versions.

Hi @Protegimus, yes, that explains it. I think each release of all software (not just QuantAsylum) has the potential to have a fragment of a real virus inside it. Not because the SW is causing harm, but just because a string of data looks similar. And that can generate a false positive. A great check you can run before downloading any software is VirusTotal. At that website, you enter the URL of an EXE you are thinking of downloading. For example, go to:

click the “url” tab. This allows you enter a link to an exe you are thinking of downloading. it will then run scans of the exe and report what a host of tools see. For example, here’s the latest run of the QA40x installer:

VirusTotal was acquired by Google in 2012.

I think a signed EXE helps in the trust rankings, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for all checks and thus the occasional false positive.

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Funny, I never considered running QA software through Virus Total, which I have been using for years. Did not know they were acquired by Google. :grinning:

Hello Matt,
any news about the new version of the QA40x 2.0 app written in Avalonia? when will be released?
thank you!

Hi @DATIR, there is currently no timeline for the re-write.