PCB mount, 90° BNC -> QA


Wonder if anyone has built and PCB’s with male BNC’s that can connect directly (without cables) straight to the QA401/2 bnc’s?

I’m trying to find a suitable angled connector for pcb mount with the lock-ring, so any tips would be much appreciated.

best d

Hi @Audio-dav, one option to consider is a board with the exact same connectors (spaced the same) as the QA40x, and then connect with BNC “bullet” connectors. Normally, the bullet connectors need to be turned to latch, but if you cut off one side, the entire thing can be pressed together and it makes a reasonable connection for testing AND it’s very fast to In the picture below, you can see the green PCB using 4 BNC connectors. That goes to a relay board via the DB25.


exacly like that, yep. are the dimensions documented?
actually found a right-angle connector here:

Hi @audio-dav, the dimensions aren’t documented, but the centers are 16mm in the Y direction (eg Left + and Left - are 16mm apart) and 24mm in the X direction (eg Left to Right input and output spacing is 24mm)

the distance from the right output to the left input is 30mm.

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thanks matt,
ps. what part-no is the bnc on your board

It’s a pretty standard part: Search Mouser for “Right Angle Multi-Port Connectors BNC RF Connectors / Coaxial Connectors” and you’ll see a lot pop up. the key is 16mm spacing. Mouser PN 523-112661 is one example. But they have 20 or so that will work.