QA401 Hardware with QA40x Software

Hi @matt,

Looking at the description of the QA40x forum topic and the QA40x software description on GitHub the QA401 hardware definitely seems to be excluded. So is it correct to assume the QA401 is now a legacy product both from a hardware and software perspective?

Or is there a roadmap as I know at one point QA were intending to make the QA40x software work with the QA401 hardware?

Maybe the software should have a unique name to differentiate it from the hardware models?

Hi @SABristol, yes, the plan is still to include the QA401 in the QA40x software. But there have been so many re-designs required due to silicon shortages. And each of those requires the associated software to be updated. I think we can start selling the QA451 again soon, but the entire current-sense mechanism had to be redone to make up for a part substitution that was required. That has a bunch of SW changes requires for the QA451 SW. It’s all really a giant mess, with unbelievable amounts of energy required just to get back to parity. So, it will come, just much later than hoped.

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