QA401/QA403 REST API questions

A couple of REST API questions:

  1. On the QA401, is there a REST API to get the generator output freq data? The QA403 can by calling ‘/Data/Frequency/Output’, but I don’t see a similar API for the QA401.
  2. On both the QA401 and QA403, is there a REST API way to change the output from bust to continuous mode? We would like to measure the output with another piece of calibrated audio test gear, but it needs to be a continuous output.

Hi @ckemp,

Your observation on 1) is correct.

On 2), I don’t think there’s an API. However, the state of the IDLE button is saved/loaded. So, you should be able to create a settings file called “Idle_On” and the load that via the API. And then do a single cycle junk acquisition to force the new settings, and after that acq finishes the IDLE settings should stick. You can check this behavior manually.