QA403 384Khz sampling rate

Hi @Matt. I wanted to know if there are any plans to enable 384 Khz sampling rate for QA403. Thank you

Hi @Claudio, I think the ADC side works at 384, but the DAC side does not due to the timing margin being too tight across the isolation buffer. Currently, I think the DAC sprays out gibberish, but that probably should be replaced with all zeros. On the QA403, can you select the 384K rate?

Hi @Matt. On my QA403 the 384 KHz sampling rate appears to be disabled, or I don’t know how to enable it. It would be a good thing if it were enabled on the ADC side and then you could use the ADC side at this sample rate. If there is a way to enable it that I don’t know, can you show me how to do it? Thank you

Hi @Claudio, I just checked and it’s not currently enabled. What we will add is a command line switch to enable 384K on the ADC only, and then the button will get enabled. And if people are finding it useful and reliable, we’ll go in and do the work to disable generation at 384K sample rate. But for now, if you have generation enabled in 384K, gibberish will come out of the DACs.

Hi @Matt. Thank you and I am very much looking forward to the enabling of 384 KHz sampling for the ADC. It is very important for me to be able to use the ADC at this sampling rate. Eventually I will use an external generator to overcome the DAC problem.

Hi @Matt. Is there any news about enabling the 384 KHz sampling rate? Thanks

Hi @Claudio, it will be in the next release, but that is probably a few weeks out at this point. Thanks, Matt

Hi @Matt. Very good. Thank you