QA40x Pre-release 1.149

A new pre-release for the QA403 and QA402 is located HERE

There are two new plug-ins with this release in additions to improvements and bugfixes. The first plug-in (SPKR THD versus Frequency) will let you subject a speaker to a tone burst and will iterate to determine the user-specified THD levels for two thresholds. The graph will appear as follows:

The second is an improved version of the QA401 Speaker Compression plug-in (SPKR Chirp Compression). This will subject a speaker to series of chirps and will allow you to see where the speaker + amp begin to compress. This is a great way to quickly verify the health of a powered cabinet if you are running a rental business. But it can also help you quickly determine the headroom of a new design.

More info on the SPKR THD plug-in is HERE

More info on the SPKR Chirp plug-in is HERE

Any updates on compatibility with the QA401?

Hi @1audio, not yet. It’s going, but in the background. We’re still trying to get the QA461 and QA47x back into stock.

I am not sure if it is just in this version, but when I load settings where I had saved XLIN instead of XLOG frequencies, it does not automatically set up the frequencies when I press Run. The correct values are in the XLIN settings, but won’t take effect unless I Apply them first. Not a show show stopper at all…

Yes, I see it too. Noted here

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