QA401 Release 1.915

Pre-release 1.915 is out for the QA401. Github has made some changes so that clicking on releases takes you to the last release. But from there it’s a little hard to find the last pre-release. But click on the blue “Releases” button in the upper left and you’ll see the pre-releases as well as the releases.

This release had some cleanups to graphs–namely getting rid of scientific notation and replacing with engineering notation on the x-axis. An example graph is below of a Dragonfly Black driving into 600, 32 and 16 ohms. This was made with the Pwr THD versus Output Power plugin.

From the graph, you can see the DAC can barely push 1 mW into 600 ohm headphones. Since 600 ohm headphones run around 100 dBSPL per mW, the max output of 2 mW into 600 ohms leaves things a bit wanting.

Github link is here:

The last few releases have had a lot of effort going into making plugins faster to use. There’s now a menu item for re-running the last plug-in. You can also get there by pressing F3. Very handy if you are making a series of runs onto a single graph.

And at the bottom of the plugins menu is now an entry to take you to a wiki page documenting the plugin. That page is HERE.

The documentation is automatically created from tags inside the source code, so hopefully it should easy to keep updated. A lot of time was spent unifying language too. Eventually, there will be a help item in each plugin option screen that takes you to a link on the doc page.