RUN/IDLE problem back but different

Ever since the software was modified to fix the crashing problem when going from IDLE to RUN, it seems to have been working well. But now I am having a different problem relating to it. Sometimes when going from IDLE to RUN the software will not respond and tells me the QA402 is disconnected. Turning the QA402 off and then back on solves the problem. It is not consistent and the other thing that may be different is that I may have changed the GEN1 amp settings when IDLE and RUN were both off and then pressed RUN again- actually, I just checked and while not repeatable, the “disconnect” did happen with both IDLE/RUN off, an amplitude down press (maybe two) and then pressing RUN. Don’t think it is much of a problem but thought I should mention it.

With the QA403, if you press the idle button too quickly either coming from ‘run’ or simply turning it on and off a little too fast, it will activate (light) the button but output no signal. It does not show ‘disconnect’.

In my case, I just need to slow the period between pressing on and off to fix. I also keep my CRO monitoring the ‘-’ output if I’m only testing SE gear (most of the time). It’s a good sanity check to see what the QA is sending to the DUT.

I notice you sometimes mention QA402 other times QA403- you have both units? John

@restorer-john- I have not had any issues with the idle mode for a while- I just used it this evening, in fact, testing the QX8000, and it is doing fine. Maybe I have been pressing things slower…? Yes, I have both the QA403/2. Matt offered me the newer one to use for making videos on my Youtube channel, and so now I have the QA403 on my workbench and the QA402 I keep at my desk so I can hook it up quickly (the workbench PC is not always on) if I want to check something. The main difference between the two from what I can tell would be in measuring a DAC where the 403 would be the preference.

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