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I don’t know if this will be helpful to anyone, but I’d like to share a referral for a cheap USB hub after failing with two prior purchases. One of my computers has a weak USB supply that starves my QA403 for current. After trying a few powered hubs with 5V power supplies and watching the voltage drop to something unusable with a few connections made, I tried one with a 12V power supply–assuming maybe each port would have its own regulator, or at least the hub would be able to manage its own voltage levels across different loads.

Anyway, this cheap little device works great: Voltage levels and QA403 performance stays in spec while fast-charging a phone and playing music from another high-end sound card and powering another (just as a dummy load) and a mouse/keyboard dongle. Nothing else I tried even came close. Plus I have the added benefit of running it off of a 12V battery for portable applications.

Hoping to save somebody else the frustrations.

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Thanks for the referral! The powered usb adapter I use sometimes has trouble maintaining the voltage to at least 4.7V, so this may be what the Dr. ordered, and it is <$20 !

Note, VAR, that I am seeing voltage levels on this device of around 4.7V–dropping to 4.6-something when loaded with other devices. So if you have something already that works at 4.7, this may not be an improvement. My issue with other devices is that they would drop to 4.5 or less as soon as I started loading them up. They all worked fine with only the QA403 connected.

My QA402 will flash red or orange depending on how low the voltage is- probably fine at 4.7v (I did not plug it in to verify), and the only thing that would be plugged into the hub would be the QA402 so, I should not drop below 4.7v or so. If it doesn’t work better it is easy enough to return :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to let you know that I finally sprung for the hub you recommended and my QA402 voltages went from ~4.6/4.7 to a little bit over 5v! It is the only thing plugged into the hub, but that was the case for the other hub too. It plugs into a usb3 port on my PC. I like that you can switch any port OFF/ON too- thanks!

I too purchased one of the Hubs recommended here to go with the QA401 I bought to use/play with until a new model becomes available. I’ll let you know how it goes but since a few here have tested it already, it’s probably Moot! Thanks


P.S. If anybody has an unused QA403 and a 451, drop me a PM if you are interested in selling.

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