402 iPad support

Hello, I know it is probably wishful thinking to ask if there will be an app that could control the device, but with the new M1 architecture, you could focus just on designing an app and it would translate directly to the new Mac OSX without further development. This would also allow you to run the 402 from a iPhone through a USB/Bluetooth in order to not be tethered to the devices under test. Is there any thought towards creating some software like this? I have been searching for this solution for several years and have yet to see someone make a decent app for testing audio.

Hi @Pinebox, this probably isn’t something we’d write, but the pieces might be there to enable someone else to write it. Theoretically, the QA402 should run on Mac OS under Mono (although I don’t think anyone has solved the USB connectivity piece yet). And then an IOS app on an iphone could control the app via web commands as @blurpy has demonstrated in his excellent web-based app. Or just run the QA40x on a low-cost $99 fanless PC (including windows) and remotely control it with a web app on an ipad.