macOS alpha build?


Any chance we can get an alpha to try for macOS?


Without a QA402 I don’t think it’d tell you too much. The tricky part with Linux and Mac is the USB and I think the QA401H running on Mac has cracked the code there. In March the first QA402’s will go out and the 2.0 first release will be ready (but only for QA402 initially).

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Ah, right! I’ll wait for the QA402!

We do a lot of usb here, and for dev, mainly CDC via libusb, works flawless on both linux and mac (and most of the time even windows!). hope to see this, happy to help debugging it!

What does someone do who only bought the QA401 a few months back?

What does someone do who only bought the QA401 a few months back?

Hi ja-tech, The QA401 will move to the new codebase in a few months, and you’ll keep getting the releases that the QA402 gets. That will mean more plugins, better REST access, some advanced cross-correlation techniques for THDN, cross platform…I think last year there were some 20 releases for the QA401, including larger features like open loop testing, tweaks for audio over Dante, compression testing, etc.

Your QA401 should still prove to be very useful and growing in capability over the next year too.

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I have a 402 that I received a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to get the containerized version working. If you have a native-MAC version I am ready and willing to be a guinea pig! :slight_smile: