QA401 on MacBook Pro M3 parallels

Hi All, is there a way to have the QA401 working on MacBook Pro M3 parallels (Win 11 pro)?

the software works but the usb drivers are not installed properly and there is no communication with the device (other USB peripherals works properly under parallels - win11)

Maybe custom install of USB drivers?

It works for me for a QA403 on MacBook Pro 16" M3, Sonoma 14.2.1, Parallels 19.2.1, for what its worth. You have to start up QA40x app before plugging in the USB for it to be recognized.

I use the genuine Apple USB-C to USB adaptor too, which might be relevant.

Hi Mark,

Thanks, I have the same version of OS and Parallels and use Apple USB-C to USB as well.

Maybe it is about QA401 being older than QA403 (also the SW is different).

I tried installing QA40x software hoping it would install newer USB drivers but it did not. (QA40x software doesn’t complain about unsuccessful USB driver install, but of course that’s for another HW.)

I guess I would need some QA401 dedicated usb driver to manually install, but that is not available for download at QA…