Mac Studio Compatible?

Are QuantAsylum products compatible with Mac platforms, e.g., Mac Studio M1 Max running Sonoma 14.x OSX?

How are Mac users running QuantAsylum products?

I am hoping to verify the audio signal paths as used in my recording studio . . . from signal source to the final output. Much of the audio hardware is built around the API 2520 opamp, i.e., CAPI Series 500 kits. The signal chain runs externally through the patchbay IO, so signal quality could be degraded.

By the way . . . I am new to this forum, so Hello to all!



I have a newish MacBook laptop with the M2 processor, run Parallels and Windows 11, it works perfectly.

Before paying for Parallels and Windows I tried to get it working using CrossOver for Mac and Wine. I could never get it to work.

I also bought a super cheap Windows laptop for about £100 on Amazon. That’s another route, but I don’t recommend it.

If you have infinite time or want to spend your evening and weekends fighting with Wine, you could get it to work. Maybe some others here have done that. But for me I have such little free time I just spent the money to get it to work quickly. I’m happy with it.

If you don’t want to use the GUI and are happy with the REST API you could just use that with a Mac.

Hello GreviousAngel,
I have similar goals, using the QA403 to profile signal paths in my recording studio. I’m a hardcore Mac user, I’ve got them all over the house for various operations. I have a newer 20core Mac Studio with 128GB of DRAM and 4TB HD for my DAW (which I only use for DAW applications). With all that said, I bought a budget Lenovo 14" laptop and Windows Pro 10 to run QA software. I detailed all that purchase in another thread here. It’s been working great. It was the fast path to getting QA products going for me. I hate wasting time struggling with unknowns, I downloaded the QA app (on my internet Mac) to a memory stick, installed on my new laptop and off to the races learning the software. When you’re in the QA app you don’t see any of the Windows desktop (which is nice).

I hope we’re able to communicate and develop our skills testing recording studio signal paths.

Good music and good testing to you