QA40x software for macOS

As a macOS user I would like to know if the QuantAsylum software for the QA40x works on macOS as well.
If yes… great!
If not… what options do I have?
(With and without using a VM…)
Thank you.

Hi @Sparky, I’d not say the software was ready for production use on Mac and/or Linux. It runs under Mono, but there are bugs that will require re-plugs of the hardware depending on your platform. You are welcome to download software and see if you can get it running on a Mac under Mono. The instructions for getting it running are linked below. Last I looked, I can run the software on Ubuntu for 3000 acquisitions or so (about an hour). But there wide differences between platforms. If you ran a VM, I think you’d find the results much better.

Thank you Matt.
Suppose the tractor software/source code would have enough information about the QA40x API?
Or is there designated API documentation?

Hi @Sparky, With the QA40x software running, you can point your browser to: localhost://9402 and the API should come up.

More info is at the link below. The stuff at the link below uses curl to “drive” things, which is a pretty good place to start. it also shows how to get started with C# or Python. If you look at the Tractor source you mention, you’ll see a more refined example in C#.

User @blurpy also wrote an impressive browser-based means of controlling the QA40x located HERE. In the source file analyze.js you can see where the various primitives are converted into js rest calls.

So, hopefully there’s enough there to get started in C#, Python, JS or raw http via curl. But holler if anything is confusing.

PS. There’s also a way to send/receive the samples directly from the hardware over USB. This leaves a lot of heavy lifting up to you for things like computing THD (REST makes those types of measurements easy). But if you think you’ll get boxed in by the REST API for what you want to do, the bare_metal route might be an option to consider too. See more HERE. And HERE. Inside the first post you’ll see some posts from @IDC_Dragon who wrote a music player in Python using the bare_metal interface. I still marvel at the brevity of Python for doing low-level USB communications. His code there is easy reading too.

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The REST api is pretty nice! I couldn’t get the link to work @matt but here it is if anyone wants to have a look: GitHub - blurpy/qa40xw: Unofficial web interface for QA402 Audio Analyzer

Hi blurpy, nice piece of JS software you put together.
What do you mean with ‘couldn’t get the link to work’ ?
Do you use your code regularly, or do you fall back to the QA software?