Default settings question (new feature request?)

The “default settings” file seems to change each time the QA402 is opened and then closed. What is its purpose ? What I would really like to see is to have the QA402 save your settings that you were using when when you shut down the software, and then come up with those settings automatically the next time you opened up the software, or probably a better idea, have a “Last State” under the File menu that would load your last state/settings (aka HP/Agilent/Keysight- obviously with much more resources)

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Hi @VAR,

There are a few settings that don’t stick:

Window location
Window size

Idle Tone Generation
Graph Title

The window size and location should be sticky and will be at some point.

the thinking for the 5 other settings is that they will cause confusion, and so, at app launch if any of those are not default, they will revert to default. But you specifically load a settings file, they should ‘stick’.

what are you seeing that isn’t persisting?

Hi Matt- So here is the screen that I have set up for a phono preamp I am measuring (a very cheap one, not the one in my intg amp:

If I exit the program and reload the state I saved for the above settings, I get this:

As you can see, it did not recall the user weighting, or windowing- I don’t know about the scales since I did not have it running. My suggestion was that if I close the program (File>Close), a “last state” file is saved that has every setting in it that you would need to create the last state you were in if you wanted to pick up exactly where you left off. This “last state” would be in File menu, though you could have a prompt when the software loaded to “load last state” that would automatically time out after a few seconds and load how it normally does. Just my thoughts after using the program for a bit…I am travelling for a days and will probably suffer some sort of withdrawl from using the QA402 :upside_down_face:

If I do the following:

  1. File->New
  2. Pick a user weighting file
  3. Set Bartlett Windowing

And then save the file. And then:

  1. File->New
  2. File->Load Settings

And then “run” I see the windows and weighting are applied, but the UI isn’t updated with the setting. will fix. thanks!

I am glad I am able to help with some “finds” every now and then. I have created a bit on an environment at home like I had at work, except with audio stuff instead of RF/Microwave stuff, and try to have stuff to test. A major difference is what kind of beverage I am able to have nearby :wink: