QA-403 No Longer Loads Last Settings

I seen some strange behavior with my QA-403 in the last couple months. When launching the application, the last settings which I saved will no longer be loaded. When I manually load a saved settings file, the analyzer will operate at about 1/2 speed in acquiring and analyzing cycle. Then if I clear this settings file by ‘new setting’ and create the exact same settings from scratch, the analyzer operates at its normal speed.

However, If I then SAVE this newly created settings file, close the application then re-open it and load that settings file, the analyzer operates at about half speed again until I re-create a new settings file.


Hi. I too have noticed the same behaviour. It has been happening since version 1.170 of QA40X

Hopefully this gets fixed. Thanks for confirming this behavior.

Hi @Rammis and @Claudio, yes it was a bug that is being fixed in the next release. I hope it will go out in next few days.

Thanks Matt for getting onto this.

Thank you very much Matt