403 Software Error

The 401x 1.140 software does not work for me anymore, it did before with the 403 unit, but now it shows the error " An error ocurred, it may not be fatal, please save your current state to a new file. This has been logged. Do you want to continue?"
And if I click yes, it opens but it no longer sees the 403 unit (lights flash on the 403 but then they all go off). If I don’t click Yes or no, it just closes the software. I also tried version 1.139 and 1.138 and did re start Windows.
Any advice?

Alfredo Prada

Hi @alprada, can you please close the app and then go into the MyDocs\QuantAsylum\QA40x directory and rename the file “default.settings” to “default.settings.old” and change “lastmodel.settings” to “lastmodel.settings.old”

Then, unplug the HW and relaunch the app. At this point, the app should come all the way up.

Then go to file->Devices and select the QA403.

Then plug in your QA403 and see if it connects. When plugging in the QA403, verify the 3 LEDs briefly cycle in a pattern. And then, confirm the firmware version you see the in the status bar.

Please report back what you see. Thanks, Matt


Yes, it is working now.