QA403 Windows 11 Stopped Connecting

My QA403 stopped connecting to the QuantAsylum software in Windows 11 - was working previously. The device shows up in as “QA403 Audio Analyzer” in device manager but the software just says “Connect the QA403…” in orange. It still works fine on my Windows 10 notebook. I’ve tried all the USB ports - same issue. I’ve tried re-booting/power off/on, etc. What is the fix for this?

This is exceedingly difficult for anyone to diagnose because it is specific to your system. I’m running on (virtualised) Windows 11 fine, for example.

Maybe try the usual debugging things like, use a different USB cable, revert to an older version of the QA40X software.

I’m no Windows expert, maybe someone with knowledge might chime in…

Hi @reillytech, can you run with -L and/or -C? That will generate a log and display a console, and maybe that will give a clue?