Win11 - USB device not recognized

When plugging the QA403 into the USB-A connector on a new Windows 11 laptop I get the error “USB device not recognized…” When I run the software it asked me to connect the QA403, but it is already plugged in. Although the wiki claims no driver is required, something is clearly wrong.

Hi @tt4096, it sounds like you hear Windows play the “bing bong” sound it normally plays when any USB device is plugged in, and then you see the “USB Device Not Recognized…” message is that correct?

Can you see the device in USB Device Manager? When the device is plugged in, do you see USB Device Manager re-enumerate/re-paint? Can you find the device in the Device Manager?

Can you see if it works on another machine? Can you try another cable?

If the behavior is the same on another machine using a different cable, I think we’ll need to take a look at the QA403. Please report back when time permits!

Hi Matt,

(solved - bad cable)

When I plug in the QA403 I get the message “USB device not recognized The last device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it”.

In the Device Manager when I plug in the QA403, under Universal Serial Bus controllers, a new device pops up with a warning labeled “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”.

I tried a different USB-A to USB-B cable and QA403 Audio Analyzer showed up under Universal Serial Bus devices. The QA40x software now shows “Connected” when using the second cable.

Best, Tim

Hi @tt4096, thanks for the update and glad you are back running!

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