Max hold option feature req

Hello Matt,
I have an QA403, great device, really enjoying working with it. I investigate an “popcorn noise” on an audio amplifier, so i think an option on FFT for max hold will be useful to trace the problem. Because that “popcorn noise” appear absolutely random, without this option its very hard to trace.
Also, an FFT split screen (L and R) will be useful too.
Best regards,
Sorin Baicus

I second your motion, Sorin!

Yes, agree this would be good to have. Probably there will be two buttons added to the Acquisition group. One would be AVG and the other would be PEAK. If both are off, then it would be normal operation. If AVG is pressed, then it will function as today when averaging is non-zero. If PEAK is pressed, then it will function as peak detect. Does it make sense to have the ability to indicate the number of cycles for which to accumulate the peak? For example, maybe you select peak hold that examines the peaks of the last 10 or 50 cycles. This will probably be a few releases out, but agree it would be useful addition.

If you had the ability to know # of cycles for the peak, that would be awesome. However, in all my years of using expensive HP/Agilent/Keysight RF spec ans with peak hold, none of them told you how many cycles were used. A great feature, though!

Thank you Matt for your positive response. PEAK hold “forever” will be what i need right now. But ability to set an 100 cycle PEAK will be uselfull too.
Best regards,
Sorin Baicus

Hi Matt, any news?

Hi @bmsorin, I think the path for max hold is know, but it will require a front-panel UI change and those tend to get queued up all at once because new artwork needs other changes. Hopefully soon.

Thank you Matt!
Best regards!

Hi Matt,
Any news about this option?
Best Regards!