Multitone using Rest API

On the QA402, is there a REST API to set the generator output to multitone and give it specific signals per octave? The QA402 can set the Gen1 and Gen2 sine generators by calling ‘/Settings/AudioGen/{Generator}/{OnOff}/{Frequency}/{Amplitude}`’, but I don’t see a similar command for setting multitone.

Hi @nweiss, I don’t think there’s a way to adjust multitone directly. But you can save a multitone configuration settings file (File->Save Settings) and then load that via REST, with all the settings as you wish for that particular measurement (such as FFT size, points per octave, weighting, etc).

Via REST, you load the settings file with PUT /Settings/LoadFromFile/MyMultoneTestFile

Now, if you want to iterate over a bunch of multione amplitude levels, that obviously becomes burdensome to load a settings file for every iteration. If so, let me know.

Gotcha, thanks! I don’t think more than a few configurations would be necessary for what I want to do.

Hi @nweiss, I should probably clarify a bit here since there has been some confusion in support mails from others previously. When you use the Settings/LoadFromFile REST command, the expectation is that the file name you give will be relative to the QuantAsylum\QA40x directory in MyDocs.

So, if you specify PUT Settings/LoadFromFile/myfile.settings then that will look for C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\QuantAsylum\QA40x\myfile.settings

The GET /MaskTest REST command relies on an absolute file path that must be UTF8 encoded. So, if you wanted c:\mymask.mask as the mask file, after UTF8 encoding that would become c%3a%5cmymask.mask

Probably these should be unified at some point to allow an arbitrary path to be specified for all file operations. Along with a log entry that makes it clear the file name that was attempted.

Issue added here: Unify REST file specifications · Issue #36 · QuantAsylum/QA40x · GitHub


isn’t this actually URL-encoded in the UTF-8 character set? See URL Encoder.