Noobie help on determining if the QA402 can help me

Hi all,
I want to start off and say thank you to anyone who takes time to help me figure this out. I am trying to determine if the QA402 can help me measure total harmonic distortion of a 1k or 2k test signal.

I have a pair of mono block tube amplifiers that have no creature comforts. As a result I have to set the AC balance manually. It seems like the most accurate method of doing so is by having a piece of test equipment output a 1k or 2k test signal, that is then fed into the amplifier, and then measure the distortion at the output under load.

This simplifies the process of making the AC balance adjustment as I would then simply adjust the AC balance pot till the lowest distortion is achieved. I know some will probably think this is overkill, however I am a silly perfectionist.

With that in mind, what I am trying to determine is the following:

  1. Can the QA402 do all of the above alone, or do I also need the QA451.
  2. Is it possible to setup the software so I can get a simple percentage readout of THD?
  3. Does the software allow for continuous polling or saying it a different way live measuring?
  4. Max output of my amplifier is 120 watts peak, which I believe is without the limited of the QA451 but want to confirm.

If you read this and was likeā€¦I cannot figure out what this guy is asking, here is a video of someone talking about setting AC balance on an amplifier:

My goal is to be able to do what he starts to do at the 6 minute mark.

Thank you again for the help.