Plugin PWR THD Versus Power: problems

Hi @matt. I have noticed that when I start the QA40x software and activate the the Automated Tests “PWR THD versus Output Power”, the first time I launch it, even if I have chosen “Autoset Input Range” option active, it is not activated and the " Full Scale Input" always remains stuck at 0 dBV. This inevitably leads to saturation of the QA403 input with the inevitable interruption of the plugin.
Here are 2 screenshots of what happens:

But if I, without making any changes, relaunch the Test Plugin a second time, everything works properly, the attenuator is handled regularly and everything ends up OK. All this always happens the first time I launch the plugin: in other words I always have to launch Test Plugin “PWR THD versus Output Power” twice, because the first time it does not handle the attenuator.
Here are 2 screenshots of what happens the second time I launch the plugin:

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

Hi @Claudio, thanks for the very detailed bug report. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, but I don’t seem able to reproduce what you are seeing. Can you take a look at this short video and see if I have recreated your example correctly?

Hi @Matt. Yes what I saw in the video is exactly what I do. Only if I do it the first time as soon as I launch QA0x, the test fails because the attenuator is not handled, if I repeat it right away (after the test has failed) the test completes correctly because the attenuator is handled regularly.

Hi @Matt. I just noticed an interesting thing. If I start a different plugin other than “PWR THD versus Output Power” as soon as I launch QA40x, and only then start the “PWR THD versus Output Power” plugin, then the input attenuator is handled and everything ends up normal from the first attempt.

Hi @Matt. I noticed another thing that seems important to me: the problem always occurs when I load any of my configurations at start-up via “Load Setting”. After loading any configuration, launching the plugin, it fails the first time, whereas if I launch it a second time (but now I don’t load the configuration because QA40x is already configured), everything completes normally. If, on the other hand, I run the plugin when I start QA40x with the last configuration, everything runs smoothly. I hope I have been clear

Hi Claudio, this is a very good clue. Can you please share a configuration that causes the problem? You can send it to the support at quantasylum email address. thanks!

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