QA400 calibration failed


On a QA400, using 75ohm BNC cable, I can’t get a calibration success.
Did I miss something ?
Under Win 10, V1.23 from Github.

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Product: QAAnalyzer
Culture: fr-FR
OS: Windows 7 [64 bit]
Version: 1.23
Assembly Version:
RAM Used: 75,87 Mbytes
BITfile Checksum: 30ed3dc2 [Match]
Hexfile Checksum: b735b74e [Match]
SW Version: 1.23
Connected: True
Test Connection: True
USB Reg Read Average Time (mS): 0,107 StdDev (mS): 0,032 Min (mS): 0,083 Max (mS): 0,742

Hi @jfk, the QA400 very likely will never work on Windows 10 and development on that product was stopped long before Windows 10 came out (the QA400 started shipping in late 2011). Too much has changed with MSFT’s policies regarding drivers, signing and USB. On the QA401, the old driver (shared with the QA400) had be dropped and replaced with a completely new driver architecture.

So, to keep using the QA400 you’ll probably need to run Win7 on an old machine OR try a VM. But I think you’ll need a VM running on a modern, fast machine as the USB timing requirements on the QA400 were tight.

Too bad…
Thank you.