Using a QA400 on Linux

Is it possible to get the QA400 working on a Linux system somehow? I don’t know how long my old XP system will stay alive…

I tried installing the latest software, and the install works. But running QAAnalyzer.exe results in these errors:

017c:err:ntoskrnl:ZwLoadDriver failed to create driver L"\\Registry\\Machine\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\NIPALK": c000026c
0024:err:mscoree:CLRRuntimeInfo_GetRuntimeHost Wine Mono is not installed

Hi @MCS, the big change in the QA402 and QA403 was the shift to LibUSB, which provides cross-platofrm USB support. On Windows, LibUSB uses the WinUSB driver. And the WinUSB driver is smart enough to do the driverless install via the advanced descriptors.

On the QA400, the software uses the more conventional (and older) Win driver model.

So, in short, I doubt the QA400 could be made to run on Linux. The app might come up under Wine, but I’d be very surprised if the USB thing sorted itself out.