QA403 ASIO Driver

I own the QA401 and it works well with dechamps’ ASIO driver for use with 3rd-party analyzer programs like SpectraPlus-SC. I’m considering the purchase of a QA403. Is there any reason why the same ASIO driver can’t be applied to the QA403 model?

GitHub - dechamps/ASIO401: An unofficial ASIO driver for the QuantAsylum QA401 audio analyzer.


Hi @RFEngineer,

The number of relays in the QA403 and QA402 make it hard to use with normal audio analysis software. While the QA401 had a single relay on the input (2 gain states), the QA403 has 4 output gain stages and 8 input gain stages. And so, to effectively use the device you need the ability to change relays often AND have the software understand. I don’t think there’s a good solution at the moment for working around this unfortunately.

I downloaded dechamps Flex ASIO driver and have SpectraPlus software and the QA403. However, I cannot find the flex asio driver in the SpectraPlus in/out device panel nor the QA403. What is the setup procedure?

Never mind. Just right click the thd button and you can set the range there.

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