QA402 ASIO drivers

Hi,are ASIO available for the QA402?

Hi @Dsmartbox, no there aren’t ASIO drivers for the QA402. With all the relays, the app would need some intelligence on how to set each of the relays. Even on the DAC side, when you pick a level, there are relays that must be set properly.

The reason I’m asking is because there are a number of measurements I need, for example CSD (Cumulative Spectral Decay) that are already implemented in a number of software. I’d purchase a bunch of QA402 if I could use it with software such as REW or ARTA to cover these measurements.

But how would the QA402 attenuators be operated? The output has attenuators that need to be set based on the desired signal level. Either REW or ARTA would have to write software to keep the input and/or output attenuators at the right place.

if it was up to me (I’m an electronics engineer) I’d make it so the the QA402 enumerates as a composite USB device, with an USB audio device being used by REW/ARTA and a some other device such a CDC used for communication by your software. Your software would stay open, and simply offer a small window with minimum controls (even manual ranging would be sufficient). The small interface would also print out the calibration values for REW/ARTA (0dBFS voltage).