QA401 and 2nd party SW

I’m trying other SW with this box, e.g. Arta, Virtins SW, etc. According to ASIO401 I run QAAnalyzer and exit it. But once I exit relay returns back to -20dB. Can I make 0dB a default value?

You need to make a change in the configuration file for the ASIO driver. its documented at the Its simple but you need to restart it when you change the file.

Thank you Demian,
I wasn’t specific: yes I made ASIO401.toml file:

ASIO401 configuration file

attenuator = false
bufferSizeSamples = 1024
and then I enable ASIO401.log file:
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7367505-04:00 3728 10596 Logfile opened: “C:\Users\galin\ASIO401.log”
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7369417-04:00 3728 10596 Log time source: GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7369782-04:00 3728 10596 Host process: C:\VIRTINS Multi-Instrument 3.9\MIs.exe
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7370100-04:00 3728 10596 ASIO401 RelWithDebInfo x86 asio401-1.1 built on 2019-02-03T14:45:38Z
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7370360-04:00 3728 10596 — ENTERING CONTEXT: CASIO401()
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7370606-04:00 3728 10596 — EXITING CONTEXT: CASIO401() [OK]
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7370962-04:00 3728 10596 — ENTERING CONTEXT: init()
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7371313-04:00 3728 10596 Attempting to load configuration file: “C:\Users\galin\ASIO401.toml”
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7372475-04:00 3728 10596 Configuration file successfully parsed as valid TOML:
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7372927-04:00 3728 10596 Getting device info set for {FDA49C5C-7006-4EE9-88B2-A0F806508150}
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7378992-04:00 3728 10596 Enumerating device interfaces
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7379390-04:00 3728 10596 Getting device interface detail buffer size
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7379740-04:00 3728 10596 Getting device interface detail with buffer size 83
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7380044-04:00 3728 10596 Device path: \?\usb#vid_16c0&pid_4e27#5&a4e3133&0&2#{fda49c5c-7006-4ee9-88b2-a0f806508150}
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7386355-04:00 3728 10596 Opening file handle for USB device at path: \?\usb#vid_16c0&pid_4e27#5&a4e3133&0&2#{fda49c5c-7006-4ee9-88b2-a0f806508150}
2020-06-18T10:59:45.7386951-04:00 3728 10596 Initializing WinUSB

But -20dB is still there…

Do you hear the relay click or see the atten LED change state depending on your settings?

No matter what I put in the configuration file, “Atten” LED is on and no clicks.
It can be switched on/off only from your app

Etienne is active on Github. You could probably leave an issue at the link below and he’d understand the problem right away.