REW releases API - and a plead to support ASIO

REW has recently started supporting API REW Beta Release - REW API beta releases | AV NIRVANA

The APIs are fantastic, and very extensive. And we all know how powerful is REW.

So this is my plead: please support ASIO or UAC 2.0 on the QA403.

I WILL BUY ONE OF EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT YOU MAKE (excluding transducer driver and microvoltmeter).
I WILL PAY DOUBLE FOR A QA403 that supports ASIO or UAC2.0

I’ll explain why: like a great deal of people, I work with devices across a broad range of interfaces: I2S, TDM, USB, Bluetooth, audio over network. From a standard audio API, I can connect to all of these. I can’t go to/from these with your software reliably.

I understand there’s an issue with the scaling, and that autoscaling functionality might be lost, but it is irrelevant. 99% of the time I pick the scale in advance. Anything from a simple GUI app to a USB CDC command line to a USB TMC or USB HID interface would be more than dandy to set out the range.

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Hi @Dsmartbox, there might be some progress on the ASIO side of things for Windows. Stay tuned.

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Hurrah! I can hold off purchasing an audio analyzer from a different brand for a month or so!

Really glad to hear this.
Hoping to update my '401 at some point but holding off for ASIO

Alas ARTA has announced EOL as he retires. I wonder if there is an IP in there he would be willing to sell or open source. I always wished there was tighter integration between ARTA and QA as I prefer the ARTA interface but the QA hardware.