QA403 Firmware Update

There is a warning note for the 1.200 version, for this reason I stayed with the 1.199 version. I see that in the meantime the firmware version 1.201 has appeared. Taking into account that I am far from the USA, I live in Romania, can I update safely?

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I’ve done the same as you and stayed on 1.199 until the dust settles. Hopefully we’ll get some updates on any potential issues soon.
The revision pace has been rapid in the last several months.

I have upgraded to version 1.201 and have had no problem about upgrading the QA403 firmware. Version 1.201 has a problem about window resizing (but it is not very serious) which I reported in a specific post here.

I think that I will continue to wait until I am sure that a possible update will not cause me problems.

Hi @vidax, I think enough have done the firmware update at this point that it’s fine to try. Worst case, if it gets stuck, you will need to open the case and jumper a test point with tweezers to force bootloader mode. If you are OK doing that if things get stuck, then please go ahead and update and confirm here there was no problem. You can also go back to an older version, and the firmware will downgrade automatically.

If you aren’t OK opening the case (or just don’t want to) if things don’t work, then please wait a bit longer until the release with firmware update is marked as current.


Hi Matt,
After you wrote to me, knowing that I will benefit from your support in case of need, I updated to version 1.201. Everything went well, I did some tests with the audio analyzer after the update and it works well. The only difference is that when launching and stopping the program, the window has a strange size.
Thank you for help!