QA404 and QA403 Update

It there someone that I can speak with regarding QA403 availability?

Theo Pantazopoulos

Hi @tpantazo, we don’t usually offer direct phone support unless you have purchased a lot of QA40x hardware. Plus, most questions will require some research and the pointers to links and so it’s usually easier to get the list of questions and then we’ll research and get back to you with those links.

Feel free to post the questions here or in a new thread, or if they are a bit sensitive given your company business, we can do in email at the support alias (pre- or post- sale)

Thanks, Matt

Hi matt, any update on QA404 ? Thx

Hi djrix, nor sure if you have received the email update from Matt. QA404 should be available this summer, June/July timeframe. This is very exciting :slight_smile:

Hi Matt

How can I order or buy the QA404?

Same question here. Because QA403 has been sold out after only 1 and half hour !!! i dont want to miss next run of QA404. How can i reserve one piece of 404 ? Thx

Is it possible to pre-order or pre-pay?

Just like a month ago, AGS!


I was late to order the QA403 Audio Analyzer, do you have an ETA where will it be back in stock?

@matt June is fast approaching. Are you still thinking the QA404 will be sold then?

I´m checking main page literally every day or so to dont miss QA404 run :slight_smile: Saw the preorder deposit option for next QA403 run, would be also great to have same for QA404, with even higher ammount of deposit.

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You asked exactly what I want to know!

Good Luck getting any answers here. If he does answer you, it will be AFTER the 404 is sold out. I quit waiting on him.

Ugh… Not exactly what I wanted to hear…

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I think when the QA404 is ready we’ll do the $10 pre-order thing again. The add-on that runs this on shopify seems to work well.

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Thanks! I have signed up for the emails, so I will watch for the notification.

I wonder if there is a delivery date for the Q403?

You seem to be located in Europe. Elektor has them in stock. QuantAsylum QA403 24-bit Audio Analyzer | Elektor

I ordered one piece.

Hey everybody, I’m new here, and just found out about Quant Analysis. I went ahead and tried to order a QA403, but I’m in the US and the exchange rate + shipping from Elektor made it unreasonable.

So I put a deposit on the next run of QA403’s. I’ve searched the forum, but don’t see: is there any date range we can expect to see the next batch? I realize this question is asked a lot, but I don’t see any current, relevant responses. Thanks in advance, and I’m excited to be learning.