QA404 and QA403 Update

It there someone that I can speak with regarding QA403 availability?

Theo Pantazopoulos

Hi @tpantazo, we don’t usually offer direct phone support unless you have purchased a lot of QA40x hardware. Plus, most questions will require some research and the pointers to links and so it’s usually easier to get the list of questions and then we’ll research and get back to you with those links.

Feel free to post the questions here or in a new thread, or if they are a bit sensitive given your company business, we can do in email at the support alias (pre- or post- sale)

Thanks, Matt

Hi matt, any update on QA404 ? Thx

Hi djrix, nor sure if you have received the email update from Matt. QA404 should be available this summer, June/July timeframe. This is very exciting :slight_smile: