QA451 availability

Matt, can you update us on the expected availability of the QA 451 load? Thanks.

Hi @aaa, the QA451 is probably a month out. The replacement for the QA451 will be the QA451B, which is identical EXCEPT that the DC current sense range is is higher. The max DC current sense is still 15A, but the current sense part used in the QA451 (by Allegro) had to be replaced with a less sensitive TI part. This means the resolution on the QA451B is about half as much as the QA451. Not ideal, but these are trying times wrt silicon availability. I don’t recall the exact number, but the QA451 has about 5 mA of current sense resolution (15A full scale), while the QA451B has about 12 mA resolution (and still 15A full scale). I’ll check on the exact numbers.

But if you are not needed the DC current sense, the QA451B is the same as the QA451. Recall the DC current sense is useful if you are resting an amp and you’d like to monitor the DC rail current. Usually this is applicable for class D type modules.

Any further word on this?

Thanks for the update Matt.

@matt didn’t give us an update yet.

Hi @Moto, it is probably a few more weeks out. A QA404 has been started as TI’s dates on the most basic silicon have pushed out well into next year and the QA404 effort has consumed a lot of time as of late.