QA461 features and availability

Hi Matt
Can you share an update on the QA461 features compared to QA460, the expected availability in Europe (I hope around the same timeframe as the QA404) an the price?
Thank you and best regards

Hi @Avo, the QA461 will be ready to order next week along with the QA403 and QA451.

The QA461 is the same as the QA460, with some changes to the current sensing. in the QA460, it was a differential sense output that relied on the right channel differential output to make the conversion. In the QA461, the differential to single-ended conversion takes place in the QA461 using an INA199.

Matt, is there a way to get a preorder in?

Hi @Moto, the QA461 is available for order as of today.

Thx. Got up early and ordered a qa451 and qa461!

Where is the 460/461 data sheet. Can’t find it anywhere. It would be nice if all of the data sheets were in downloads under support.

Hi @Rocky, the QA461 data sheet isn’t done yet, but will look very close to the QA460 data sheet. Take a look at the link below, and at the bottom you’ll see a link to “Product Sheet” that should provide the data you need.

Hopefully the QA461 data sheet will be added next week.