QA490 for over-ear headset


I’m interested in the QA490 in-ear monitor tester.
But we need to test over-ear headsets.
Can you tell me if you have an adaptor available, or application note, or recommendation to test this kind of headsets?


Hi, can someone help with this question?


Hi @LeoSandler, there isn’t currently a project planned for over the ear testing. I don’t think an adapter would work because the coupling would likely introduce its own frequency response that would be hard to separate from the DUT.

OK, thanks.
I would like to order one QA490.
Can you tell me if it is available for ordering? and how I put an order.


Hi, can someone help with this question?
Where to buy the QA490?


Hi @LeoSandler, like everything else, the QA490 is currently backordered due to silicon shortages (again, the SN6505B part among others).