Relative Gain in Frequency Response

Could we have a ‘plot relative gain’ option added in the frequency response automated tests (and other applicable tests)? By this I mean we could specify a ‘zero dB’ frequency point and the trace would be +/- dB from that point - this is the way frequency response plots are handled in most other analyzers like the AP.

Plotting absolute gain is not very intuitive to the average person when these graphs are published.

If this is already an option and I’m missing something, please let me know.


Like this? :slight_smile:

Sure, if that works! One problem I have with the software overall is that settings tend to be distributed over different places which makes configuration a bit of an Easter egg hunt.

Thanks! :grinning:

Hi @Rammis, so you specify, for example, 1000 Hz, and then the run is normalized such that the response at 1000 Hz would be zero? I definitely get your point about plotting EQ. The dBr adjustment is taxed trying to plot EQ response I agree.


Yes. The Y axis on the automated test would have that 1kHz (or whatever you specify) at zero and you could specify the number of dB above and below that point on the graph. This is much like the frequency response plot works on the regular screen already with dBr. The ‘absolute’ gain would be replaced on the automated test by +/- x dB.