Signal Generator Routing


I have a quick question about signal routing for the two sine signal generators. I would like to generate separate test tones on the left and right channels using the signal generators. For example, I would like to generate a 0 dBV, 2000 Hz tone on the left channel as well as a -6 dBV, 2500 Hz tone on the right channel.

However, this doesn’t seem possible in the GUI. When I try to configure it, I just get both tones on one channel. After reviewing the “Analyzer Output Block Diagram” in the user manual, it appears that stereo routing is not supported as the tones get summed before the channel masking (left/right) is applied.

Question: Does the device support what I’m attempting to do? If so, how would I go about configuring this function in the GUI?

It would be good if the signal generator options were changed on this screen:


From “muting - left/right/none”

To “routing - left, right, both”. Then each sig gen could be routed logically. “none” is not required as the generator on/off switch does that anyway.

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If I configure generator 1 on the left channel:

And then configure generator 2 on the right channel:

It doesn’t do what I want as it only outputs to the right channel (last one set, with left muted). Is there another way to go about this, or is this just the way it works?

I think it’s just a routing/coding bug.

If you select ‘mute left’, the generator should only output on the right channel and vice versa if you select ‘mute right’. But that doesn’t work for either generator.

Hence my logical suggestion of where you want the signal to go, instead of where you don’t want it to go.

or is this just the way it works?

It’s just the way it works. In the future there will be some improvements coming.

I had a use for splitting frequencies/generators between the left and right channels just yesterday - it sure would be helpful to be able to do this as it’s something which is quite frequently needed!

Also, can we please have alternate waveform types like square, triangle, impulse etc?

Hi @Rammis, are you saying you’d like tones of different amplitudes and frequencies for the left and right? Currently, there’s just the option to mute one or the other.

@matt, Absolutely. The generators should be independent and able to be each routed as I suggested above: to left or right or both channels.

Hi Matt,

Yes, completely independent oscillators which can come out of the right and left channels independently at different frequencies and amplitudes. The left/right assignment box should do what it implies but with an additional option for ‘both’, which is how the current setup works.

And while I’m at it - the ability to generate square, triangle, sawtooth etc waveforms would be very nice. :smiley:

PS: I like the new option to make Y axis presets in the latest 1.97 version.


I second and 3rd the motion to have independent control of the left and right amplitudes and frequencies, in addition to muting both of them if desired.

All good points. These will have to wait for a version 2.0, which isn’t near term. But actively being worked on.

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