THD Sweeps not Auto-Ranging

Was attempting to test an amplifier yesterday using 1.193 and the THD versus Input/Output and THD versus Power automations. In both cases, the QA403 wasn’t automatically changing the input level. So, everything was fine up to about 1 or 2 volts, then the script essentially hung. I have “Autoset input range” checked off and the “input level range adder” is at 18dB, as usual.

Bug or am I missing something?

Sorry Matt, saw you answered this elsewhere. Do you have an ETA on the next update?

Hi @passmedien, this should be fixed for the next release. It was code that was rounding the step value, and so 0.6 was rounded up to 1.0 and it completed, but 0.4 was rounded down to 0 and never completed (and appears to hang).

I think the next release will be out next week. Thanks very much for reporting.