Tractor with QA403

Was considering exploring the functionality of Tractor, but all references are for the QA401 and there does not appear to have been any development or discussion of this recently. Does Tractor support the QA403 and is it recommended for new applications?

Hi @Robbn, not yet, but the work was started. Let me check on it. I think whatever cleanup was left could be pretty quick. Thanks!

Hi @RobbN, I checked on this and I think a release can be out tomorrow for first try. Thanks, Matt

Hi @RobbN, the release with support for QA40x is at the link below.

When setting up your test, you need to make sure configuration (See Settings menu, then Setup Group) has QA40x. This will be changing. Right now, you need to specify a group of test equipment you want to use. But shortly there will be the ability to specify an audio analyzer, a programmable load, a voltmeter, a current meter, etc). And it won’t require pre-configured groups anymore.

But please try with QA40x and let me know what you think. I did see an issue this morning related to setting Y axis scale for measurements. This really only impacts the bitmaps that are captured by Tractor and stored in the testlogs directory.

Thank you! I’ll check it out ASAP. Unfortunately, time is precious and I’m still just experimenting with your systems with a limited knowledge of making the most of the products. I still rely on other systems for our test and measurement needs. It will likely take a while for me to have any useful feedback.